Why choose a Business Cash Advance Online over other sources of capital?

If you need cash to fund your daily business operations on a short-term basis, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of fixed monthly payments or other restrictions of traditional bank loans, then our Main Street Merchant Cash Advance & might be a good fit for you! This business funding and commercial lending option lets you access working capital for your company, and you can keep the cash flowing with easy daily remittances.


What is a Cash Advance? 

The Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is a non-loan type of business funding and commercial lending. This essentially purchases a fixed amount of your business’s future receivables, from credit and debit sales, at a discount. The business cash advance online provider, like Main Street, buys a specific dollar amount of your future revenue. Your business, instead of paying large fixed monthly payments, like you would with a traditional loan, simply remits a set percentage of its daily credit and debit card sales, until your initial business cash advance online amount is returned in full to the MCA provider.


Advantages of a Cash Advance

  • You do not need amazing credit, in order to qualify.

  • It works with the flow of your business: remit less on your slower days and more on your busy days.

  • No fixed monthly payments or set maturity date. This allows your business to be fully funded and financially flexible.

  • Remittances are automatic, don’t require any check-writing, and allow you to focus on your daily operations.

  • Obtaining an MCA is quicker and typically easier than a traditional business loan, giving you cash when you need it.


How come Main Street can approve so many more businesses?

Our innovative Main Street graph technology allows us to analyze not just personal credit history, but also the health of the business at stake. We explore a multitude of data points when making our decisions for commercial lending, taking into account more than a bank or other lender might. This means faster funding for you- as little as 24 hours!


How can I use the money from a Cash Advance?

Main Street Merchant Cash Advances can be applied towards any business expenses, which include (but aren’t limited to):


  • Ongoing or regular operations

    • Training

    • Research & development

    • Payroll

    • Travel

  • Business assets

    • Equipment replacement or repair

    • Stocking inventory

    • Technology

    • Paying vendors

    • Vehicles and transportation

  • Financial management

    • Renovations and upgrades

    • Mergers

    • Acquisitions

    • Seasonal downturns

    • Other opportunities for growth or expansion



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